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What We Do

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Versari provides a complete & flexible sales solution for technology companies – with a difference. This is Sales-as-a-Service:

We live in a modern world where the skill of selling has evolved. In a complex and challenging environment, Versari provides tech businesses with access to the best tech sales experts to support initial & on-going sales growth utilising our proprietary.

Early 2019 also sees the launch of the digital-first, Entrepreneurial Sales Institute (ESI).

Both the ESI and our tech sales team are all about improving your business performance, to generate more profitable and predictable sales results.

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If you want to grow your sales,
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Entrepreneurial Sales

We are experienced technology sales specialists who understand – and have navigated around – the obstacles that you face as you strive for business growth. Your journey starts with a discussion about the issues you face. Then Versari delivers the solution in collaboration with your business: eventually scaling the heights of business growth and a repeatable, scalable sales model.

  • Engage:

    The first step is to engage. We get to understand your sales requirements and evaluate how we can fulfil them.

  • Set-up:

    Next, we set up. Using our proprietary Commercial Audit, our goal is to leverage and, wherever possible, monetise what we call your Commercial Assets.

  • Execute:

    At Versari, it is all about execution. All day. Every single day. Our proven methodology is underpinned by a culture that is relentlessly focused on High Performance.

  • Iterate:

    Entrepreneurial Sales includes a recognition that, to constantly grow, a business must constantly learn. While we sell, we are interpreting your marketplace to constantly recalibrate the shortest possible time to a sale. And change our approach accordingly.

  • Scale:

    Together – and over time - we build your scalable sales model and, ultimately, your own high performance Entrepreneurial Sales organisation.

It’s not Rocket Science. It’s Versari.

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Our Team of
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Our Team

A Team of Experts – By Design

Your journey to sales success starts with building a sales team. We really do understand how hard that is. Sometimes you don’t even know where to start.

At Versari, we have decades of experience selling in a high-growth entrepreneurial environment. We have analysed the makeup – the mindset & competencies – of the best performers. And we apply that science when we hire our people. Our sales team is not built by accident but by science, data & design.

Our sales Specialists are there to help you navigate the quickest route to scale. They can do that because they live Entrepreneurial Sales every single day. They can do that because they are made that way.

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