About Us

Sales & commercial execution is a problem
for technology companies globally

Versari fixes this problem

We Understand

Our customers love to solve big problems. And so do we.

We have seen the challenge of building a sales organisation first hand. We built our old business from the Founder’s kitchen into a multi-million dollar global enterprise. We are investors and have evaluated the commercial capability of hundreds of businesses. We run a co-working space and an international community of start-ups. We have hosted, attended, slept through - and we have even bought after - thousands of sales calls.

So we understand the problems you face and are here to fix them.

We Know How

Versari provides a complete & flexible sales solution for technology
companies – with a difference. This is Sales-as-a-Service:
  • Engage:

    The first step is to engage. We get to understand your sales requirements and evaluate how we can fulfil them.

  • Set-up:

    Next, we set up. Using our proprietary Commercial Audit, our goal is to leverage and, wherever possible, monetise what we call your Commercial Assets.

  • Execute:

    At Versari, it is all about execution. All day. Every single day. Our proven methodology is underpinned by a culture that is relentlessly focused on High Performance.

  • Iterate:

    Entrepreneurial Sales includes a recognition that, to constantly grow, a business must constantly learn. While we sell, we are interpreting your marketplace to constantly recalibrate the shortest possible time to a sale. And change our approach accordingly.

  • Scale:

    Together – and over time - we build your scalable sales model and, ultimately, your own high performance Entrepreneurial Sales organisation.

It’s not Rocket Science. It’s Versari.

We Are Different

Put simply, the difference is Entrepreneurial Sales. We all live in a new world where the skill of selling has evolved. Big company sales models and outdated techniques just don’t work for the high-growth digital enterprise.

Here at Versari, we understand the nuances and deft skills required to get a software transaction over the line. We have a unique, proprietary Entrepreneurial Sales model. Executed by people who are scientifically suited to selling in the Versari Way. We are here to share that model and those brilliant people with you and, eventually, help you to do it yourself.

With limited capital, resources & skills it is still possible to have a high-performance sales organisation driving your business. Versari is that sales organisation. We are building a global technology sales engine so you don’t have to.

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